Our design ideology rotates around providing creative solutions and we take pride in having earned the reputation for taking on complicated projects with challenging design solutions. Horizontal linkage and coordination among the design departments takes top priority and is considered one of our points of strength. We believe in well designed well engineered, well detailed and well coordinated projects. Our design team is trained from early stages on understanding other disciplines and on the ability to coordinate design drawings. Each design member is taken during their working life through different stages so as to gain a well rounded experience in all design aspects. Our design firm was established in 1999, by Faris Bagaeen after he had spent 16 years as a partner in an architectural and engineering design firm. The diverse experience of working with professional designers and engineers of all fields of the building industry gave Mr. Bagaeen a good base to attract a fine set of professionals, and to set out goals and a clear vision for the new practice.
 We started with two departments, architecture and structure. Then in 2002 the departments of electrical and mechanical engineering (building services) were added. In 2003 we started interior and landscape design through the architecture department, so as to provide the full design service to our projects. Later, the interior design department was structured with close relationship with the architecture and the engineering departments. In 2005 we established the project supervision and management department as a step to provide better and more professional service.

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