Al- Karak Society Building
Amman, Jordan The Karak Society project has all the functions of a modern club building to serve the local community. The architectural design was based on the use of traditional massing principles, where the building consists of a set of adjoined masses that assemble a model simulating nature, as if it evoked from the land around a stone mass, which by its firm shaping and assembly reflects the beautiful masses forming the proud Karak fortress. The main entrance of the building is located between 2 masses which form welcoming elements reflecting Karak hospitality. The main mass adjacent to the entrance contains the Karak museum which is the first function seen by the visitor as he enters. To the right side of the entrance hall is the main multi-function hall with a capacity of 500 guests. In addition to the mentioned above, the project contains another multi-function hall with a capacity of 330 guests, a prayer hall, a computer lab, a library, an indoor play area , a kitchen in addition to services, WCs, Stores�etc. At the west side of the building is the main lounge which connects directly to the outdoor garden, a wide terrace and a swimming pool that serves members and families, and also there is the upper open terrace with a beautiful vista towards the surrounding forest. In addition to all of mentioned, the building has allocated areas for administrative offices, committees meeting rooms, and other administrative services. The building was designed so that all functions could be used at the same time, without any intersection. This was achieved by taking into consideration and utilizing the process of separation and connection and appropriate usage of building levels and entrances.

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