Berenice South Beach Facilities
Aqaba, Jordan The project is located on the south beach of Aqaba as part of the new touristic area of the city. It was designed to provide club and beach facilities for all hotels in Aqaba that don�t have access to the sea. The site falls within the area that is considered by the planning department of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) as having special environmental design needs and restrictions. The building was designed with an organic formation to reflect the characteristic of the coral beach of the area and to blend with the difficult topography of the site while keeping in mind the cost effectiveness of the design. The project includes a large adult swimming pool, a children pool, children play area, a diving pool and diving center, three restaurants, a clinic, a closed children play area, back of house and administrative facilities. The design took into consideration the traffic flow into and out of the site. Total Project area: 2930 m2, Total site area: 20000 m2

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