Faris J Bagaeen I was born in 1960 in London during the period when my late father Dr. Jamil Bagaeen was completing his training in Medicine. At the age of 16, I obtained my GCE O levels from the Bishop's school in Amman. Then I left to the UK to pursue my childhood dream of becoming an architect. I obtained my degree in architecture from the University of Dundee, then my registration at the Architectural branch of the Jordanian Association of Engineers. In 1983 I Joined a Jordanian Architectural and Engineering firm, Jordanian Consult as a junior architect. Soon after, I was offered to become a partner after winning the first prize in the architectural competition for the design of a mixed-use project. In 1993 I became senior Architect at the firm after reaching the status of consultant Architect at the association. In 1998, I left the partnership to start my own practice. My passion for architecture started early at the age of four, when my most enjoyable toy was to build small mud and stone houses for my toys, under a large apricot tree at the garden of my family house. At the age of 11 I used to spend most of my free time building a small toy city for my collection of matchbox cars, out of cardboard, matchsticks, wood from tongue-depressors and glue. My other passion for physics and math's, led me to add electric elevators, doors and traffic lights to the buildings. Using electric motors and parts from old battery operated toys. When I was in the 8th grade, my English arts teacher suggested that I should be sent to the UK. to study arts. But I refused because my dream was to study Architecture, as it combines both arts and sciences.

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