Jordan Telecom
Abdali, Amman A proposal submitted as a joint venture between our office for the architectural work and Arabtec Jardaneh for the engineering work. The intent for this design is to merge Jordanian traditions and values with the image and functional requirements of a cutting edge 21st century telecommunication industry.
Also to create a landmark that is coherent with a city of Amman as a whole and its immediate surroundings in specific.
The building reflected the energy and image of a very dynamic communication industry in a fast growing economy.
The design and layout of the office floors area intended to reflect the commitment to the highest quality employee environment. The building is basically formed out of two masses that meet at a central atrium and are separated along an axis that runs northwest to southeast to maximize the environmental effect, sunlight and heat to be gained through such an orientation. The front mass had fluid form and was low in height, while the back mass is very formal in form and stood proudly in background towering over the site.

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